Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Wedding Dress Shopping

I have found my wedding dress!  Saturday afternoon I went down to Mount Vernon with my parents and we ended up at David's Bridal.  Poor Dad headed to Red Robin for a burger while Mom and I began the process of finding just the right dress.
I had already gone shopping a few times, but hadn't yet found anything that seemed just right.  I tried on six or seven dresses this time, all of them beautiful.  Mom and I were getting overwhelmed after about two hours so we called Dad back over to get a guy's perspective.  With his help, and the help of our wonderful consultant, Leslee, I found just the right dress!  It's different from what I expected, but it's perfect for our simple outdoor wedding.
Mom's favorite part came at the end.  Once you find your dress at David's Bridal, you get to ring the bell and make a wish for your wedding.  Mom was so excited she almost rang the bell herself, but once I did she began crying!  It really was a special moment and the perfect culmination to a wonderful day.
When I got home that day I told Brady that I'd found a dress and he was so stoked!  He kept asking me what it looked like and then saying, "No, wait!  Don't tell me!"  It was really sweet and I can't wait to see his reaction on our wedding day!
I can't post any pictures yet obviously - that would be bad luck! - but I'm really excited for everyone to see my dress come July 27!

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  1. It was joyously and delishishly fun!!!! So glad I got to be there!!

    I hope when I get to Heaven that I get to do it all again!!!!

    Still bummed he didn't save us any fries!

    P.S. Take off the number/letter thingy!